Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PRESS on this!

The designers represented here are all under 30, mostly female and mostly self-taught. By day they alter garments for cash and work at boutiques and screenprinting shops. So they're forced to stitch on lunch breaks, rifle through fabric bins on weekends, and peruse blogs about Swedish, Japanese and Italian street fashion late at night, ever hungry for an innovative cut, an unexpected embellishment, or an offbeat combination of material swirl.

They haul their new creations to Local Honey and plop them on owner and designer Shea Steele's pristine countertop, hoping she'll give the nod that whisks these pieces off to the mighty black-and-silver rack and its intended audience: Nashville's cool kids.

They are the fashionable and young—the skinny-jeaned, vintage-bloused and tulip-skirted droves of young ladies you might see sipping coffee at Fido, lining up at Mercy Lounge or browsing vinyl at Grimey's. They're women who pride themselves on original style the way music geeks fetishize obscure vinyl.....

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An enthusiastic THANK YOU to Tracy Moore! We are all thrilled and honored by your recognition. See everyone FRIDAY!!!!