Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot child in the city.

Lately, it's been humid out. REALLY HUMID and between sewing nearly round the clock and the less than stellar moisture index....I've been not-so inspired to hit the town. I need to go out. Face it, friend time has to be worked in. So, last night I finally spiffed up and headed across town to have a beer. On the way I caught one of those rare I-can't-believe-they're-playing-all-my-favorite-songs moments on 105.9 and suddenly I was SUPER pumped to be going out!

First, In a gadda da vida by Iron Butterfly. Totally rad and made me wanna smoke weed immediately. Next, Fortunate Son by CCR, which led to accidentally speeding past a cop mid jam. But, my luck continued and he didn't see me. Phew. Then, In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel!!!!!!!!! What? and last but not least, Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones for the home stretch.
So, all this excellent tunage got me thinkin....I have got to bust out on an album revival pronto!
Those of you who know me best know that I am WAY late on having my house warming party. I think I'm finally inspired.

SO here's some inspiration for you....
just a few of the tapes for sale at the shop.
The best little impulse buy in town for only $2.