Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here I am on the last day of July and I realize I haven't posted in quite a while. It was a big month! So, I'm gonna dish about the things that have been happening lately! Some exciting things and some less than favorable things too. It all sorta started around my birthday, when a really cool thing happened! One of my longest running idols, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, came into the shop! Seriously I've loved her since I was old enough to buy cassettes. As soon as she walks in she comes straight over to tell me she's heard a lot about me and was looking forward to meeting me and seeing my store!?!?! WOW. If her effortlessly cool and calm demeanor wasn't enough, she pays me a compliment. I can die now. So, from there, high on life, I continued running errands and preparing for friends to come over and celebrate my birthday!

My mini party celebration gathering was lovely. Good friends, good food, great gifts, and a two-sided party pump full of vodka and grapefruit juice for easy dispensing of my favorite adult beverage. Y-A-Y! Inevitably, though, no matter how amazing the birthday or the gifts, I always experience a week of sad, reflective observation of my life afterward. I wish it didn't happen, but every year it comes like clockwork. So, the week following my birthday was DULL. I did almost nothing for 7 straight days. But, before the week was over I was greeted with a beautiful arrangement of orchids from my wonderful friend Carrie when I got to the shop one morning! Don't you love it when your friends really seem to know you and do the most unexpected and uplifting things! Amazing! and before I knew it, another week was on the horizon.

With a surprise however......drumroll........fainting spells! yay. Love em. But, when they come repeatedly over the course of 3 days, not so good. Of course, I had NO IDEA what was causing it. It was like being drunk for 3 days, which sounds fun right? But considering I had to be at work all day talking to customers and had an important business dinner (I'll elaborate later) scheduled that week, I didn't much like that I was rambling like a total lunatic. So I went to the doctor.

In the end, it was nothing. I was happy to learn I am in excellent health, but not happy at spending almost 300 dollars, having extensive blood tests and even an EKG to find out nothing was wrong in the first place. So, who knows....maybe I was just responding to a cosmic signal? I AM pretty intuitive. (Major hippy, no lie)

Now on to more good stuff! I have had the very flattering experience of being interviewed by two blogs. Locally, in Nashville, Jim Blackstock and Lena Bauer have started a t-shirt line and creative lifestyle blog called (ECHO)WITNESS. The two came by the store for a chat that resulted in a new addition to the Local Honey designer family! You can view the article HERE and stay tuned for more exciting info about their line.

Only a few days later, I was contacted by the adorable Lauren Winter of Blooming Leopold. You may know Lauren as the younger sister to vintage maven LIEBEMARLENE. She is such a bright and lovely person. it was a great experience all around. You can check out that interview HERE. Now, if that wasn't enough to tide me over till Fall.... as a result of my before mentioned business dinner, I got a job! A cool job that I'm really looking forward to! I will be working as a personal dressmaker and stylist for an online magazine personality. I'm very excited to mold an everyday look and define the WHITE RABBIT aesthetic and how that aesthetic sets a gal apart from the crowd. It will be great and it's only one of many new opportunities I plan to pursue in the coming months. I'm very excited to invest more time into my clothing line and see where it leads! But, first, in order to do so, I've spent the past week exploring ways to free up more of my time. Local Honey is a full time job. A full time job that I've been tied to for going on 5 straight years. Needless to say, I need a break. I love the shop and it's been the most rewarding and enjoyable job I've ever had, but if I don't get away from it for even just a little while, I'll go crazy and burn out. So, after careful thought and bouncing around ideas with my friend Carmen, I've invited her to bring her Closet Case vintage business into the store!

The big day is coming up soon and we will throw a party to celebrate! The store will be offering more vintage than ever, and the silver lining on cloud nine is that yours truly will have 4 days off a week to do with what I wish, and what I wish is to sew at my leisure. After much chaos and 3 months of juggling I can finally take the time to hash out some of my new designs. I am more than excited. It will be a daydream realized.

One last thing, but certainly not a minor one, I am moving into a new house! For those of you who know me best, you're probably wondering why the heck I'm moving out of the apartment I've only lived in since December. Well, what can I say? I move a lot. It's just a bizarre part of who I am. The lovely apartment I've called home for the last 8 months is beautiful, affordable, and very close to the store and I thought I'd be there for a long time. But, this time around I didn't anticipate needing to work at home so much and no matter how spacious and cozy my place is, it just doesn't have a work room that I can close off from the rest of the house. That is something I need. It is also something my good friend Shannon Lea needs. So, in the spirit of joining forces to achieve greater success, we have decided to move in together. With our combined income and shared interests we can have a bigger house with our very own in-home sewing studio!

Look out East Nashville, here we come! You won't even believe the house we are getting. It's bananas.
Ok, big month, major mouthful, but this brings us up to date!
Of course, I will post soon about the events coming up in August!
Hooray for change.