Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new old

Ok, along with most of you I had never heard of the Nashville radio station the MIGHTY 147-WVOL-1470 AM. I read about it on the Crystal Swan blog and I'm addicted. This station is excellent! It originally hit the airwaves in 1951. They play everything from obscure STAX cuts to 70’s funk and yacht rock and some newer urban r&b tracks. According to the station’s history page, the initial call letters were WSOK and the station was originally located at 4th Avenue North – where the Municipal Auditorium is now. WSOK ’s original format was Rhythm and Blues and Gospel Music. In 1959, they changed their call letters to WVOL, moved to their current location on Brick Church Pike and began to make their mark as “The Blackest Station On The Dial.”

The station has a live stream, which you can get to by clicking HERE