Monday, October 12, 2009


Marianne Faithfull has long been on my list of idols. A wide eyed beauty discovered at a Rolling Stones launch party who was noted as saying that her first step toward breaking into the music industry would be getting a Rolling Stone as a boyfriend. And she did just that. Her relationship with Mick Jagger bloomed into one of the most idolized love stories of the late 60's and spanned the next decade. Along with that of Keith Richards and Anita Pallenburg (whom I also love). Both ladies contributed substantially to the bands image and material and both, unfortunately, became drug addicted during their time with the band. But, Marianne came out the other end on her feet and got her career into full swing by 1979. Appearing in movies and recording some of my favorite songs, her face is as solemn and beautiful as her voice, and her style landed her in copious amounts of press....including some pics I had pinned to my wall by age 12.