Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bridging the gap

So, the Holidays were an awesome BLUR. I barely worked, attended multiple amazing parties, and consumed copious amounts of champagne... which inevitably leaves me wanting to die the next day, but hey, it's festive. Now, it's a new year! Projects are sprouting up left and right and the shop is putting meat back on it's bones after being picked dry. Meanwhile, some of my friends have been blowing up their blogs with GOLD. Apparently not everyone has been slacking shit like me. Woops. SO now I'm getting up to speed. By blogging about my friends' blogs.
Just before the Holidays I was asked by NASHVILLES DEAD to be one of 12 contributors to their 12 Days of Listmas. I was allowed to make a top 10 list of anything of my choice and after a week of soul searching... I chose slang. (Someone needs to wash my mouth out with a bar of soap) You can view my list HERE and then check out all of the cool stuff they've put up since then. I love their site. I also just discovered today that my friend Brent has a blog??????? and now I'm having a mild heart attack. Brent is one of those friends that is tuned into another universe. Literally everything that comes out of his mouth is funny. Wether he's telling me he wants to "zingle in my farm farm" or making bizarre references to Brandy (the 90's pop star)... it's an adventure just listening to him talk. So, check out his collection of cyber ramblings here: RUMPLE PUMP. Mucho el amor.