Monday, May 24, 2010

and this...

Naked Without Us Festival 2010 from Naked Without Us on Vimeo.

After a hellishly busy April and not the smoothest transition into a more relaxing May, I've been sorta out of sorts... to say the very least. Completing 10 looks for Naked Without Us 2010 in one month was quite an undertaking, considering I became obsessed with making separates this year? My collection was comprised of 20 handmade garments and 8 handmade necklaces, and after finishing it... I was TIRED. So tired in fact, that I got sick. I had exhausted myself to the point of illness and true to form, I had already taken the liberty of scheduling a photoshoot for the following week to document all of the work I'd done. So, rather than resting, a mere 2 days after the show I was out in the rain, cold wind, and hail, shooting a look book in the woods. Aside from all of the obvious negatives, the shoot went REALLY well!! Then I got really sick... sleep all day sick... and this is where it all started to amass into a huge confusing blur. After a broken AC unit at the store during the hottest week yet this year, a satellite failure during the biggest pay-per-view boxing match of the year, a devastating city wide flood (obv), a flat tire on the interstate, a RAGING sunburn that I still cannot explain, seeing my mother for the first time in 7 years, sewing through my fingertip and having to pull the needle out with a pair of pliers, and last but not least, an order from Metro to install a main line backflow on my water line ($900 or my business would be denied water service)... I officially had a melt down. There's stress and then there's life taking a huge dump on you. Mine was the latter I think.

Solution: I took an entire week off from work. It was good. Given my tendency to make lists of things to do, I couldn't help but indulge in some housework and errands, but mainly I tried to get as much rest as possible, not bother myself with any decisions or stress, and indulge in complete vacuousness and personally rewarding work like planting my flower beds! I'm feeling pretty dang refreshed and was happy to start this week off with FINALLY getting a look at some of the documentation of the fashion show! Including the above video montage put together by Dylan Reyes and Chancellor Warhol. I really like it and it renewed my sense that I had done something cool and fun rather than feeling like I'd been body slammed. I'm glad to be back on track, guhhhh... and I'll be busy the next few days organizing all of the new photos from my shoots that I have yet to show anyone!

DANG what a month.