Wednesday, November 3, 2010

big love

Procured my newest issue of NYLON today, and though not usually a noteworthy event as I've had a subscription since year two and probably still have the very first issue stashed somewhere in my ridiculous mountain of saved magazines, this particular copy is special! During their recent cross-country cool hunt, associate editor Rebecca Davis and crew stopped in Nashville to sink their teeth into what makes our city hop- and I gotta say, they did their homework! Not only did they request an interview with moi about a week before they arrived, but by the time they got here they had contacted enough of my friends and done enough digging to send everyone into a tizzy. My phone was vibrating to death! What they put together might very well have been the exact collection of Nashville people I would have chosen to feature and I've lived here 11 years! So, hats off to NYLON, super pumped, and thanks to my amazing circle of vibrant, talented friends for the overwhelming love.

Check out my write-up below... and see the full Nashville review in the November issue!