Monday, February 28, 2011

DEAD heads

YEAH! Its that time... NASHVILLES DEAD is hosting the second annual Freakin' Weekend and this year we're teaming up again for something sweet! In addition to the bevy of rad shows, including Davila 666 at Third Man that I'm particularly stoked about (see video below), they're also setting up a Nashvilles Dead pop-up shop inside Local Honey! So you'll have 3 awesome days to score all the 7"s, LPs, cassettes, and prints your little hearts can handle. Come get it!

Check out the full show details HERE.
and the Scene scoop HERE.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday NOON-5:00

Full list of loot HERE.

Davila666 - Tan Bajo - Promo Video from PURO VICIO on Vimeo.