Wednesday, March 2, 2011

arterial bloggage

A few weeks back UNDER THE GUISE did a feature on the new LH location that I really liked and after perusing a well curated collection of Nashville street style images on the site, I wanted to send a little love back her way. This is something to appreciate. As a street style documenter myself, I know just how diligent you have to be to do it... stopping people on the street and in venues, and taking time out of your dinners, errands, and hangs to snap a pic of each ensemble that possesses an extra little bit of witchery. It takes dedication. So it's refreshing to see someone who is clearly in the zone and her eye is ON. Not to mention the pics are beautifully composed. Hats off.

These are just a few personal favorites. You should check out the rest of her work yourself HERE.