Monday, April 11, 2011


Since moving to our Belmont home there has been SO MUCH going on and so much change in so many forms. It's awesome. The most unexpected of which might end up being my waistline, due to the fact that I've consumed more bacon and coffee from Bongo Java in the past 2 months than I did in all of 2010, but the BIGGEST change by far is our rapidly growing crew of interns! We're busting at the seams! They bring so much enthusiasm, style, and talent to the family and the tally is now up to 6. As of this week our newest lovey Treona will join the family alongside Corey, Nina, Grace, Julie, and Megan. So I thought I'd pay a little homage because having them has been a joy! Even though each has their respective dedication... Corey Michael and Nina Coppin to T&P, Julie Gross to Jamie and the Jones, and Grace Hargroder, Megan Wilson, and Treona Hunter to Local Honey and WHITE RABBIT... they are all loved and adored by everyone in the house and bring their own bit of flair to the store. Check out these babes! Right?! I am so lame for doing this. I feel like a mom.