Friday, April 8, 2011


So now that Nashville Fashion Week has come and gone, I finally have a moment to sit and share how HUGE it was. If you were keeping up with all of the press... you know there were a tremendous amount of events, shows, and hours spent by everyone involved. From here at Local Honey, it was beyond. With only 5 emerging local designers securing spots on the runway... having 2 of them come from our family of designers and also create the collections right here at 2009 Belmont really brought the experience to a whole new level. It seems every time I turn around there's another article or blogger recognizing Local Honey's contribution to Nashville fashion, but all of the press from the Scene and the Tennessean that circulated during and after Nashville Fashion Week was some of the best! I feel so thankful! Talk about breaking in our new studio! Hannah Jones, Jamie Frazier, and myself racked up the hours one after another until we lost count. Sewing round the clock for weeks produced what turned out to be our best work to date and so many inside jokes we're likely to sound crazy to anyone who comes around for a while. I already knew how lucky I was to have these girls moving in at LH, but I never foresaw this family bond. It's incredible. Now that the smoke has cleared we're getting back to our routines and waiting for the official photos to be released. WHOA. Hoping this won't take much longer! For now, here are just a couple of snap shots from Nashville bloggers who were in attendance. My absolute favorite pic of the J&J girls just before they debuted on opening night at the Pinnacle and a shot from my WR show at the RAD church. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and to the coordinators for all of their hard work. What a week!