Thursday, June 9, 2011

Florence and the Jones

Each summer, just like clockwork, the music festivals come and hoards of wild-haired touristas flock across the country to see their favorite bands, get sunburns, and pay $5 for bottled water. In our neck of the woods the destination is Manchester, TN and Bonnarroo. For Local Honey this is always a tornadic, yet awesome, time because along with all of the thru traffic jetting around town for quick shopping come the performers... the people you just never really dream are going to walk through the doors and start raving over the tops and dresses your friends sat and stitched right next to you while you cracked jokes and discussed brilliant ideas for TV commercials. But, as I've just been reminded, it happens. Every year! This time around it was the lovely, tremendous, and sickeningly cool Florence Welch and her drug of choice was the hand-marbled silk handy work of in-house produced line Jamie and the Jones. Of course, I think there were few things in the store left untouched by her and her gang, but her biggest reaction came from the last thing she put on the pile... a gorgeous, golden silk chevroned J&J maxi dress, which she made it very clear to me would be THE thing to wear for the festival press shots. Sweet!

Now, after the TO and FRO traffic has come and gone, we can add Miss Welch to the LH list of wow clientele alongside Zoe Deschanel, Kim Gordon, and Debbie Harry. Not bad yall.