Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jamie and the Jones in the People Issue

Design comrades and LH family, Jamie and Hannah of Jamie and the Jones, are featured in this year's Nashville Scene People Issue! The annual rundown of the coolest whos doing the best whats and a reminder that our city is chocked full of creative force. Here's how they say it...

A lot has been made of the so-called "creative class" and the unique benefits cities stand to gain from attracting imaginative, driven individuals — the kind who can help spur innovation and growth. In putting together the Scene's fourth annual People Issue, we cast a wide net and found what most Nashvillians already know: Our city is teeming with just these kinds of people. Everywhere we turned, it seemed, we were running into them — from a duo of upstart fashion designers who built a business out of a trip to an alpaca farm to a former Silicon Valley official who's gearing Nashville up to become a technology boom town, from an Argentinian born architect-turned-councilman to an unlikely viral video star moonlighting as a college student, from a legend of the Opry to a legend of Olympic track and field. And whether it was building community in once-blighted corners of East Nashville or enabling a new generation of chefs, we found people who were not only up to the task, but finding ways to thrive, and new ways to create — even when being creative just means hustling harder than anyone else in the game.

Rad! You can read their lovely feature on Jamie and Hannah HERE.